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Tsume by TheDevilsLotus Tsume :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 3 0 [TA] Sanaa Hypo Pups by TheDevilsLotus [TA] Sanaa Hypo Pups :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 4 4 [TA] A Reflection of the Devil by TheDevilsLotus [TA] A Reflection of the Devil :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 2 2 [TA] Flowers! Flowers Everywhere! by TheDevilsLotus [TA] Flowers! Flowers Everywhere! :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 7 2
[TA] Unpleasant Pleasantries

The blinding light of the sun beat down across the Following, bringing light to yet another meaningless day for the dark shepherd mix. She had been left at her post, apparently not needed for the day’s work of cleaning the Following. A disgruntled growl escaped the lips of the dark heathen. Why did they need heathens to clean up the Following? Where the other dogs really that incompetent and disgusting that they could not clean up after themselves?
The restless heathen paced back and forth at her post. The days seemed to draw on and on when you had literally nothing to do. Her pacing quickened as her temper flared. How dare they leave her tied up like she was some animal? At least when she was working she could ditch and walk off to find another means of entertainment, but here she was stuck.
Her tall ear lay flat against her skull, the nub only barely flicking backwards. Her lips twitched upwards in her rage, briefly revealing her pearly white t
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 2 4
[WoLF] Wildflowers
The female was feeling especially enlightened on this early spring morning. Humming to herself quietly, she made her way to the thick woods that surrounded the territory. As she trotted along, she was happy to see that the trees were beginning to blossom, and small wild flowers were beginning to sprout. Her insides warmed at the thought of new life, especially pups, and she wiggled a little on the spot as energy sprang through her. Nakotne giggled to herself playfully, grass rustling softly underpaw.
A little ways to the right of her, she spotted a figure which at first brought a spasm of fright along her spine, but she soon realised it was a wolf of Onni. Silently she scolded herself for her stupidity. Of course it was a wolf of Onni, she was still on the territory. Rolling her eyes, she moved slowly over to them, ensuring that she did not frighten the little lump of fluff that she could see. "Hello. I'm afraid we haven't met before; I'm Nakotne. How do you do?"
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 1 2
See What's Mine and Take It by TheDevilsLotus See What's Mine and Take It :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 6 0 Nightmare by TheDevilsLotus Nightmare :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 6 0 [TA] Self Fulfilling Prophecy by TheDevilsLotus [TA] Self Fulfilling Prophecy :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 7 2 [TA] I Made A River Of Blood by TheDevilsLotus [TA] I Made A River Of Blood :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 6 2 [TA] Sanaa Touch Meme by TheDevilsLotus [TA] Sanaa Touch Meme :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 4 2
[TA] Rashad, Sanaa, and the No Good, Very Bad Day

"I have a feeling... we're lost."
Sanaa narrowed her eyes at the clear sky, watching Zonje's unwavering gaze start to rise from the horizon before turning her head back to her dark-furred company, Rashad. It had been such a simple idea - go out into the desert to offer prayers to Zonje's rising light, away from the prying eyes of The Ascended. Rashad had suggested it, and Sanaa of course was more than happy to come with, if not to pray, then at least to keep her newest friend company.
The pair had wandered and chatted, but it seemed, to Sanaa, they had gone too far. And with Zonje's light yet able to provide them a path, they would now have to try to retrace their steps back to The Ascended.

Huh--,” he faltered, step coming to a sudden pause as he began to take in his surroundings. He’d been so caught up in their conversation that he failed to remain attentive to the environment
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 2 0
[TDW] Survive
Choking. Panic. That was all he knew at the moment.
It had been fine at first. They had all been attending the Gathering as usual, and then boom! A megatsunami had to appear. Of course it did.
Whitefang's head broke through the waves again, the dog struggling to combat against the rough waves, his one paw flailing out for help or to signal someone. Whatever he could to survive.
Quince's​ still body was limp in the nest, moved only by the soft sobbing emitted by the female. Boarpaw had thrown herself into the storm just to save Quince, a dickheaded stray with no actual future ahead of her. The guilt was more than she could handle as she laid on her island of safety among the floating corpses.
Sudden, she noticed something. A nearby paw was twitching more than most dead things twitch. Without hesitation, she lunged, biting onto it and wrenching it out of the water. After a few moments of nosing her now companion around toward the center of the nest, she was satisfied.
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 1 0
Firemaker by TheDevilsLotus Firemaker :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 13 3 Here Come the Blocky Wolves by TheDevilsLotus Here Come the Blocky Wolves :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 3 0
[SC] Thrill of the Hunt
I happily munched on the sausage link I "take" from the meat seller back at the city. The sausages are hanging on my neck, just like a necklace. "This is why I liked sausages" I said with a merry tone as I gobbled up the sausages one by one. I was on my way back to the territory when I passed the Farm. I could see the cows and cattles grazing happily, crops growing in the horizon, a dog stalking a chicken. Wait, what? I squinted my eyes to see a tall dog stalking a chicken that is busy finding food, the dog seems to be a female. Oh no, if she really does try to hunt the chicken it will cause a lot of trouble for both us and herself. I quickly rushed to her in full speed sprint down the hill, please let me make it in time!
It's just barely, but I made it and tackled the tall dog just as she was about to pounce at the poor chicken. "What are you doing?! You are not allowed to hunt here!" I said as I pinned her down with sausages still hanging from my nec
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 1 0


The Blade of Marmora by SolKorra The Blade of Marmora :iconsolkorra:SolKorra 374 6
Party for Two
 Kuerr peeked his bald head from the comforting shade of his newly acquired den. He had been awake for hours, but the sunburn from his days spent out in the desert had prevented him from exploring whilst the sun was still hanging dangerously high in the pale blue sky. Deciding that there was minimal danger, mainly because he was sick and tired of being cooped up inside the den, he took a bold step outside. The hot sand warming his pads slightly, the familiar sensation was more than welcomed. It had been far too long since he had felt the familiar stinging sensation, and he nearly missed it.
 With his head held high, he made his way through the Following. His destination already decided in his mind. He was to go to the Temple of Zonje. He was mainly just curious as to what their station of worship looked like. As with his old pack it was mainly just a small statue or idol that pups said their prayers to at night.
 It didn’t take him long to reach the Te
:iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 2 4
Nalu wedding commission for Lenaa-chwann by Karola2712 Nalu wedding commission for Lenaa-chwann :iconkarola2712:Karola2712 98 9 IAH | The Ascended by Notticus IAH | The Ascended :iconnotticus:Notticus 13 14 TA| Just Browsing by Villanelle-Magicka TA| Just Browsing :iconvillanelle-magicka:Villanelle-Magicka 17 13 The Lotus Festival by xRising The Lotus Festival :iconxrising:xRising 7 8
[TA] The Initiation

Darko stopped in his tracks and squinted at a pair of wavering, black figures standing on top of a distant dune. The male had been walking for days with little to no food and limited access to water. His mouth felt as dry as the sand between his paws, his head was pounding painfully and his muscles ached.
“You’ve lost it, Darko. You’ve begun hallucinating.” He growled quietly to himself and, despite his words, he soldiered on and made his way towards the shadowy figures.
As he got closer, Darko realized he’d been wrong to assume they were hallucinating. They were clearly the children of a bird and a dog that had a questionably intimate relationship-- No, that was wrong too. They were dogs - three of them - all wearing elaborate, colourful clothing and feathered headdresses.
He had to admit that they looked quite impressive. Intimidating, odd, but impressive. He could feel the hairs on his neck rise as he felt their cold gazes lock
:iconmellowmaize:MellowMaize 4 0
Felicity Referance : TA by KJfromColors Felicity Referance : TA :iconkjfromcolors:KJfromColors 41 41 Fairy Tail : Acnologia by Crakower Fairy Tail : Acnologia :iconcrakower:Crakower 41 7 [TA] Dead dog walking by IBX3 [TA] Dead dog walking :iconibx3:IBX3 1 1 Hearts On Fire by SizzCake Hearts On Fire :iconsizzcake:SizzCake 10 18 Sanctified Meadows by godshilla Sanctified Meadows :icongodshilla:godshilla 153 8 Mrs. Scotch rocks at the bar by EternallyDrunkSmurf Mrs. Scotch rocks at the bar :iconeternallydrunksmurf:EternallyDrunkSmurf 3 3 I'm in the business of misery by EternallyDrunkSmurf I'm in the business of misery :iconeternallydrunksmurf:EternallyDrunkSmurf 5 3 Mandatory Chibi Batch by Teelia Mandatory Chibi Batch :iconteelia:Teelia 380 91
Unwanted Attention

The early morning rays of Zonje’s sun had long since passed over the immense desert that contained the Following. The day was hotter than the last and showed no signs of cooling, not just yet. The gentle crunch of sand under hairless paws was all the male to focus on. The sound similar to the steady beat of a drum as he paced his way across the Following to the market place. Usually the bald mutt wouldn’t be out in the open during the midday heat, yet today was the exception. He had a mission. A reason to risk almost certain sunburn. For today, the male was out to retrieve minimal protection against the suns harsh rays as it was all his rank would permit. Not that he minded, anything is better than nothing.
He had been wandering the market place for some time now, feeling rather lost and annoyed. The small dog could feel the sun’s rays burning his smooth, hairless back. A heavy sigh escaped his lips as he manoeuvred his way th
:iconinfernocanine:InfernoCanine 2 3

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Hello! My name is TheDevilsLotus, but you can just call me Lotus! I am a young artist who primarily uses MS Paint to draw! Welcome to my page! If you have questions, comments, concerns, or just want to chat, please feel free to message me! I will try my best to keep in touch as much as I can! ;3;

Btw, if you're an older member from Balto Source who happens to be stalking my page, I was DakotaWereWolf on there, and I'd love to get back in touch!


I was tagged by :icontoxic-battery:!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

To help promote STRAY a little more, I'll choose Winnie Ref by TheDevilsLotusfor this one!

1. Winnie's real name is Winona, given to her by her mother. However she prefers everyone to just call her Winnie for short.

2. She had a mate and pups before the events of STRAY. Her children, named Coal, Slate, and Cobalt, are all alive throughout the story. Her mate, named Burnie, however is currently deceased. She misses him very much.

3. Winnie is actually a very old character of mine. Her and the main cast of STRAY have existed for about 10 years now.

4. For her sexual orientation, Winnie would identify as pansexual/panromantic. She loves everybody!

5. She is not a good fighter. Winnie is built for speed and endurance, but not for fighting. A good blow can usually wind her easily.

6. Winnie's parents, though not mentioned in STRAY, are alive and well. Her mother was a stray and her father was a former police dog. Winnie loves her mother dearly, but has a strained relationship with her father due to his outdated and sexist views.

7. In the beginning of STRAY, Winnie is the closest to Cross Ref by TheDevilsLotusand Kuruk Ref by TheDevilsLotus. Luke Ref by TheDevilsLotus
later joins this list, which causes tension between Winnie and Kuruk.

8. If she had a favorite color, it'd probably be pink.

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