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[CC] Oh HECK by TheDevilsLotus [CC] Oh HECK :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 4 4 [WWF] Unending Misery by TheDevilsLotus [WWF] Unending Misery :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 5 2 [WWF] Then Came The Rain by TheDevilsLotus [WWF] Then Came The Rain :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 4 1
[WWF] Picklefish

Seemingly oblivious to what was going on around her, the young yote pup took blissful care in kicking up the sand that surrounded the shore, fascinated by such substance. Honestly she didn't know why she was here, but it was cool nonetheless! And her uncle Diego had told her about the island where a pack of wolves lived. That was so cool!
There was something of sorts happening, so some of the wolves left the island to cross over to the mainland, but Cricket's interest in them faded quickly as she ran along the shoreline, a blur of yellow and brown as she kept herself occupied.
The adults were boring anyways!
Alin had managed to convince his worried mother to let him swim farther from her than usual.  Astrid always seemed on edge these days, even to the point where youth like Alin picked up on it.  It made him anxious and he feared for what was going wrong - stuff that pups would not understand, she seemed to say.  Thing
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[WWF] A Rocky Start

Lilith’s long eyelashes grew blurry in her vision as she squinted up toward the sun.  It had been nearly another full moon cycle since the last of the snow had thawed and melted away - now, there were springtime birds chirping and fluttering about, and young wildlife making their first appearances.
She was hunting this morning.  Lilith had already tracked and moved past a newborn whitetail fawn.  It was important to not always go for the easiest prey - otherwise, there would be no future generations for her own kind to prey upon.  It was a funny though, Lilith pondered as she walked.  Deer, fish, some unlucky birds like the fat partridges and flighty whippoorwills ended up as her dinner.  But she and the others knew better than to snap their jaws at any simple target.  It was a learned behavior, of course.  Lilith’s own sister, Eris, would often roll her eyes at the sentiment, though the grey sister kn
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[CC] Inara/Luca Family Tree by TheDevilsLotus [CC] Inara/Luca Family Tree :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 13 15
[CC] Ghosts From The Past Pt.1
"Are you sure we're headed the right way?"
Rameses snapped as he and Inara came to an abrupt stop, their paws leading them to a thick forest that was only feet ahead now.
Inara remained quiet and thoughtful in the hopes of not provoking her mate's wrath because no, she wasn't sure this was the right way. It wasn't like she had any information to go off of, but a forest was always a good place to start looking, right?
"Inara." Rameses' patience was beginning to run out.
"Let me check ahead and make sure," Inara reassured quickly, casting a submissive pose when Rameses bared his teeth at her. "That way we don't have to walk further if it's not!"
The dark wolf made a low growl but made no further objections. "Go ahead." Pleased with her mate's response, Inara trotted towards the forest, making as little noise as possible.
Raphael looked at Luca who had been sleeping as he
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 6 8
Hey Mama by TheDevilsLotus Hey Mama :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 4 4 [WWF] Anger At the Alpha Pt.2 by TheDevilsLotus [WWF] Anger At the Alpha Pt.2 :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 5 10 [WWF] The Consumed King by TheDevilsLotus [WWF] The Consumed King :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 7 13 [DoC] Showing Your Pride by TheDevilsLotus [DoC] Showing Your Pride :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 6 5
[DoC] Meeting the Executive

Storm moved quickly through the streets, her paws moving her forward with determination to find the Executive, Cardigan. She didn't know what to quite expect from such an encounter, but it would be good to know who it was that she, supposedly, had to listen to.
Now she wasn't sure about reporting to a dog who she did not know very well and who was apparently more powerful than her. Tater seemed to have a high opinion of her, so perhaps it would not go too terribly. Storm knew she was going to keep her reservations to herself.
She let the word of others lead her to Cardigan's home, where she shuffled outside the fence, hoping that the dog was in the yard. "H-Hello? Is this the home of Cardigan?"
It was a rather quiet day in the bookstore, and Delilah had decided to take the opportunity to restock shelves and organize the place. It left Cardigan with plenty of quiet time, enabling her to hear the timid s
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[CC] I Outta..! by TheDevilsLotus [CC] I Outta..! :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 10 2 Pride Headshots by TheDevilsLotus Pride Headshots :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 7 4
Mature content
[CC] You Little..! :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 6 9
[WWF] Nothing More To Say

Lately it's felt as though a course of fire has been burning through his head, images flashing in front of his eyes for only him to see. And he could never decipher them, but only guess. Amadeus did know that the Ancestors were trying to show him something, but what, he could not figure out.
It was nice to no longer be on the island at least. Amadeus stayed as long as he was needed to watch the Jova wolves, but he had wanted to come home to his supply of herbs and let himself indulge, perhaps gain some insight into what he was seeing. Then he would return where he was needed.
Perhaps the visions had really messed with his mind for Amadeus found that he was lingering in between territories. He blinked rapidly to try and focus his mind, but something was telling him to go. But go where? Not home?
So Amadeus went until it felt like he was going in circles. Until he remembered, yes this was familiar land. Draugar. He remembered the pack.
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Recovery - ASTRID x MORGLO
The ocean waves churned lightly, their soft cresting along the beach a soothing sound on this morning.  Astrid had left the pups with Konnon for the morning. He had many other chores, of course, but until Astrid had settled on who else to trust with her brood, she had only asked him.  Now, the young female paced along the beach, walking slowly.
It had been at least a moon cycle since the horrors the pack had undergone, and things had settled themselves out rather quickly.  Only Astrid’s children and her mate had changed her quite nonchalant daily routine. The loss of Alina was still heavy in her mind, but she knew she needed to pick up her confidence and start thinking more objectively, if the pack was to never again befall such a fate.
Astrid’s head perked up as she spotted Morg’lo.  Her paws carried her forward, rounding the rocky beach side.  She had made terribly little effort immediately after the fighting to deal with him - much l
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 2 3
Exploring [WWF] by Koeyohte Exploring [WWF] :iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 10 7
Betrothal - JAYCE x ASTRID
Everything had gone relatively smoothly. There were no known deaths and only a few causalities here and there. Well, for Silvyn anyway. She couldn’t say the same for Jova or especially, The Vultures, though. Jova came out victorious, but just barely. Being kept hostage for days on end did a sure number on them. Yet, The Vultures were the true losers, fleeing the island with their tails tucked between their legs. When the battle was over. Jova thanked Silvyn, clearly grateful for their aid. Jayce smirked, knowing half of the deed had been done. They left just as they came, triumphant and strong as ever.
She’d patiently stood aside, waiting for the right opportunity. Give it time, she kept reminding herself. Until, finally, for about a weeks’ time had passed, she made her move. She traveled to the island, crossing the water and to land.
She spotted Astrid not too far away. Just my luck. She nonchalantly approached the darker she-wolf. “Greet
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 2 5
Plan in Motion - AMADEUS x VALENTIN

Valentin’s paws dragged along the cold, hard surface.  His mind was empty for the first time in days yet he still felt troubled.  Osha, Thrya, his and the pack’s future. Things had always been certain. Messy, at times, but certain.
With a frown, Valentin peered into the den he had padded up to.  It was Osha’s and she was not coming out soon. The Summer heat had begun to beat down at all hours of the day and drive everyone to shade.  Panting, Valentin turned from Osha’s den and headed for the next overhang. Inside, he hoped, was empty.
Dragging himself inside, he made to slump down but stopped.
“Amadeus, old man!” he boomed into the echoing den.  Lowering his head he strode forward, the slight scent of blood a tang in the air.  Parting his jaws to ask what Amadeus had caught, he made to lay down beside his friend.  Instead, he stopped and stared.
Amadeus’ muzzle was stained with
:iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 2 3
Troubled Mind by wolfprancis2bet Troubled Mind :iconwolfprancis2bet:wolfprancis2bet 7 11 Dangerous Pair | WWF by TheStarvingRaven Dangerous Pair | WWF :iconthestarvingraven:TheStarvingRaven 6 5 MATING DANCE INTENSIFIES by CascadingSerenity MATING DANCE INTENSIFIES :iconcascadingserenity:CascadingSerenity 1,362 163 [WWF] Summer Love by kragekongen [WWF] Summer Love :iconkragekongen:kragekongen 26 2 Johto by NewGlasses Johto :iconnewglasses:NewGlasses 534 55 Bird And Boulder Valentine by NewGlasses Bird And Boulder Valentine :iconnewglasses:NewGlasses 321 19 Your all I need by drawingquirky Your all I need :icondrawingquirky:drawingquirky 7 4
Ghosts From The Past Pt.2

Inara was a flying blur as she continued to follow the cries, which only seemed louder and far more violent than she had anticipated. Her heart was dropping quickly in her chest - if her mate was hurt...
But when she passed into the clearing, she saw that was not the case. Suddenly she couldn't swallow, couldn't breathe. Beneath Rameses... was her brother. She could not muster the words.

Fire licked at his nostrils as Luca reeled back from where Rameses' teeth had sunk in deeply, ripping away from flesh. Before he had the chance to react, the large wolf was upon him in an instant, looking to go for his throat. The pale fought back, pushing his paws up against Rameses' chest to stop the assault. 
"Wait-!" Luca tried to say, but Rameses' teeth flew over his head, snapping for his ears. His teeth managed to sink into the ear that had not already been torn, and violently pulled back, taking more than half of the appendage
:icondrawingquirky:drawingquirky 3 2

I hope you got your permission slips signs for this feels trip

RP between hovnds Patagonia
and TaskmasterTChalla's Hero

The day was bright and warm with Spring bursting fresh life around him, but Hero wouldn't be bothered by it. Slinking around in a circle, the mutt plopped down to the ground with his braced leg laying loosely beside him. He had been tied out for hours, but it felt like days, and a somber weight hung heavy on his head as he allowed melancholic thoughts to take hold of his mind.
It seemed the world was moving on without him- mocking him with it's vivacity as he wallowed in self-pity and withered away with despondence. He could almost feel the fetter draining his spirit as it wrapped around his neck and snaked it's way into the ground, and he a
:icontaskmastertchalla:TaskmasterTChalla 6 7
:Comm: Misty559 by Pinky-Poodle :Comm: Misty559 :iconpinky-poodle:Pinky-Poodle 30 8 Burial -  Astrid x Morglo [WWF] by Koeyohte Burial - Astrid x Morglo [WWF] :iconkoeyohte:Koeyohte 11 12
The Meister's Tale (Hemlock x Yuaei)
Yuaei pawed through some herbs being stored within Sveta’s Meister’s den. Her mentor was away collecting herbs, leaving the young Yuaei to manage the current supplies and handle any situations that may arise while she is away. Yuaei wasn’t a huge fan of jobs like sorting. She found it boring and tedious. But it was a good chance to memorize the sight and smell of different herbs. And she supposed a bit of busy work didn’t hurt everyone once in a while to rest her brain. She hummed as she sorted through the pile. Humming a variation of the song she had learned from a funny loner in her youth, back from before she had joined Highvalley! Though she couldn’t recall the tune exactly, she was happy to fill in what she felt like putting in the blank spaces. A Siren, he had called her, making the young she-wolf smile to herself. He sure had been charming! She wondered how he was doing now…
Pawsteps near the outside of the Meister’s
:iconwildfire-tama:Wildfire-Tama 9 2




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This is a new rp group centering around the lives of four cat clans and four dog packs in Boston long after the humans have gone extinct. So far the group is fairly new, but the concept is very interesting, and they're open for applications both for leader positions and other high positions! It's definitely worth a good looking at and the community has been nothing but nice!

I'm a Faction leader in the group - my character, Seras, leads the Revere Pack as the Alpha female and I'm missing an Alpha male to join her endeavors Eyes Come join me as we reign destruction upon everyone.


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