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[WToA] New Wolf, New Scars

It wasn’t asked of her this time, but it didn’t seem too out of her way if she looked, did it? The more ingrained she became in Spokane’s ways, the more she learned she began to learn of the wolves she surrounded herself with. Or, at the very least, learn what was happening with these wolves. To know about the ordeal they had gone through, of the recent rescue of them from Zhawan’s clutches…
It made a part of Astrid’s blood burn.
She considered herself a sympathetic enough creature to want to check in on some of the prisoners, even if it was only from a distance. She had done so with Skol, though that had stemmed from a request. But now she was investigating on her own time.
She came upon the den of the Korim and peered in. She caught the sight of a wolf curled in the corner, but beyond them it appeared they were alone. Perhaps the Korim needed to step out? Then, it would be best if she kept watch until they returned,
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 1 0
Mature content
[WWF] Initiation :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 1 13
RPG Spectrum Meme by TheDevilsLotus RPG Spectrum Meme :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 3 0 [SC] Liar Liar by TheDevilsLotus [SC] Liar Liar :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 4 9
[HotL] Thicker Than Blood
He remembered this place. Or at least remembered the smell of it. He grinned, remembering the bear and knowing that it stirred a ruckus to the one individual he'd hoped would find his message.
Now that Nanuk had been disposed of for now, Esben could continue with his mission with a slight skip in his step. He had left partially to find Nanuk and seek his revenge, but there had been a purpose. And from what he had heard on the wind, there had been some previous strife within this pack - Sioux, they called themselves.
Perhaps if someone was interested in leaving, he'd might be able to help them with that. Of course Esben couldn't approach a wolf with blood on his person, so he bathed himself in a small riverbed close to the territory.
Lapis had taken Nanuk up on her promise. She didn't stray away from camp too long, only leaving when necessary. She was known to be patient, yet as days into weeks a
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 4 12
Mature content
[HotL] Useless :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 3 14
[HotL] Safe Haven

Nanuk flicked his tail, aggravated. His orange eyes swung upon the young wolf who decided to agitate him so. "If you don't fucking stop-" Nanuk snarled in warning. He wasn't going to attack his own packmate, but he was seriously growing tired of this harassment. All he wanted was to be left alone for the day.
Yet the youngster seemed to have other ideas. "That's a foul mouth you got there, lady."
Nanuk's ears flickered. "Lady?" Oh his tone couldn't have been any more venomous.
"Yeah! You smell like a she-wolf, so obviously you are," the young wolf pointed out snidely. "Don't you know the rules? Females are-"
"Shut up," Nanuk snarled, his fur bristling to its fullest extent. The insecurity of his feelings over identity came back to Nanuk tenfold, and all he wanted to do was unleash his anger upon the cocky young wolf who thought to point this out to him. The gray wolf knew that he was unusual, that there weren't many wo
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Icon done by :iconyellow-k9:

Hey thanks for stopping by my profile! Hope what's here happens to catch your fancy!

I am an artist/rper who uses this account for EVERYTHING so beware!


Sanaa, Faith

Nanuk, Esben


Dusk, Fallow




Whelp, since :iconheirs-of-the-lands: has closed, I'm left with three homeless characters. Anyone have recommendations of good wolf rps who might be open/are opening soon?


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