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[WWF] It's Nothing Personal

Astrid's eyes had widened in horror the instant she saw the dozen wolves swimming toward her. Most were large, and all had a focused, driven expression on their face. Astrid had turned, jaws open to howl and scream for the pack to run. Alina wasn't here – like she should be, like she always was.
“Run!” Astrid meant to scream. Instead, she snarled as teeth sank into her hock.
The moment his soaked body had emerged from the water, Amadeus made sure to lunge for someone. Anyone. It mattered not to him who was to be made a victim. This was the Vultures' fight and here they would assert their authority. And it was here his form lunged for a smaller black wolf, teeth sinking into the haunches of the wolf.
"It's nothing personal of course," he growled, throwing his strength forward to barrel the female over. They were not ordered to kill, but to subdue. Well he would make sure to display t
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[WWF] My Sweet Mistress by TheDevilsLotus [WWF] My Sweet Mistress :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 3 6 [WWF] And I Found Jesus by TheDevilsLotus [WWF] And I Found Jesus :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 3 2 [WWF] Worth Nothing by TheDevilsLotus [WWF] Worth Nothing :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 5 4
[SC] Actions Speak Louder Than Words

You left us to die!
His words echoed hauntingly in Blue's head, his shattered face, now becoming older and more handsome, staring back at her own, daring her to give him the answer he wanted.
And she gave him nothing. What kind of mother had she been? A failure, that's what she was.
She refused to go back to Dagsworth, not after that. Blue instead chose to sit in the snow, letting the fog settle around her crumpled frame as hot tears fell from her remaining eye. How long had it been since she cried?
The large paws made little noice on the snow, and what little they made was soft like nestling in a duvet.
The large dog approached calmly, he knew that she knew it was him so no need to introduce himself.
He didn't know what had happened only that she hadn't been back so once again he checked up on her, he didn't mind.
Voin sat down next to her and gave her a gentle nuzzle with his nose, just like last ti
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[WToA] A Decision Is Made
It was like she was drowning in a black sea, the bottom endless and unknown. She was alone, with no one to hoist her to shore and comfort her fears or warm her wet fur. No, just as she had for a while, Astrid faced the world alone. Even being in a pack was not sufficient enough to ward off the demons that continued to plague her.
It was ironic, then, that demons affected the tribe she had called her home for the past months as well. They were weak-willed too, she saw this now. Even with them regaining what was theirs, it wasn’t enough. The tribe was crumbling in on itself, and there was no one to guide them. At first Astrid had contemplated on saving them; perhaps she could step into the role as a leader and provider?
But the encounter with Athena had shaken her beyond all hope. No, it would not be safe for her or the wolves lingering in the tribe if she took up power here. Athena would find out and seek to destroy them in her own sadistic way. Her laughter, her rage, and the str
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 1 6
[WWF] We're All Doomed

There was something different in the air, but Nanuk couldn't tell what it was. Nor did he find he cared much at all. It didn't matter what life had to offer him now - he was blind, alone, and feeling quite out of place in a world where things were shifting without him able to keep in touch with it.
Most days he spent lying outside his den, hardly moving unless someone offered him food or a chance to guide him elsewhere. If no one came to help him, then Nanuk simply laid where he was. Who cared about a wolf like him when he couldn't do anything to help?
He did not hear anyone walking by him, or hushed whispers of pack mates talking among themselves. No, it was eerily quiet. Something was wrong.

Having given her announcement, Caoilfhinn retreated from her post. She seemed blind to the reactions of those around her, ignoring the faces of her packmates responding to the shocking news she had just given. Her min
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[TR] Stargazers

With her legs flailing in the air above her, Kiona rolled over onto her other side in an attempt to find the perfect sleeping position. So far nothing seemed right. She was tired, exhausted even, and all she wanted to do was sleep, but it seemed that it was evading her at every turn. Was it the build up of stress and loneliness that had been burning within her insides for the past week?
Tossing herself yet again, Kiona resolved that it could be made better if she made herself tired out. Perhaps a run even would extinguish her bout of insomnia? 
Cool night air greeted Kiona as she stepped out of her den, smiling as a low breeze picked up. Spring was such a wonderful season, and she was glad that they were coming into the fold of it. Even better, the night sky was free of any clouds, so she could see the stars and moon all shining brightly. The best spot to watch them would be upon Amun’s Waterfall, bu
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[WToA] A Bloody Reunion
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 1 2
[WToA] Figuring It Out

Tadita had been resting in the nesting site trying to keep as comfortable as she could, but it was proving fruitless, as she had grown a bit stiff over the past few hours. Letting out a wide yawn she slowly picked herself up and shook herself out before exiting her den, blinking as the sun assaulted her eyes. "I could use a walk..." She said quietly to herself, looking around as if to see if anyone was nearby.
This place was... well it was unusual. Not quite relaxed necessarily, but certainly more so compared to where Astrid had come from initially. It was perplexing to the she-wolf on how wolves could thrive in such an environment. Now she was beginning to see the appeal of Spokane that her lover had gushed about. It was just depressing to think that they couldn't share it together...
Still, one must move on, so Astrid wandered about the grounds, looking lost and new as ever. Her once proud stance was now
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A Big Thank You! by TheDevilsLotus A Big Thank You! :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 27 48
[WWF] Slip Of the Tongue
A large thunderous rumble emitted from the den, as Ekon's body slammed into the ground. The weight of him and Amadeus was the cause of the rumble, as their moment of intimacy reached it highest point. The two were chest to chest, as the two males were breathing heavy after their ordeal. Ekon's body was surging with the lust and love for Amadeus, as their bodies engulfed the other in their closeness.
"Mmmmm, Amadeus, you never cease to amaze me." His breaths were still heavy, as he softly nuzzled Amadeus, embracing the other after their passionate moment. "It seems you like being the top dog a lot." Ekon smirked, as he wrapped his forearms around the other in a hug, bringing the other male closer to nuzzle.
Amadeus grunted as he allowed for Ekon to smother him in an embrace, even giving the Priest some affectionate nuzzles that he gratefully returned. He felt tired but at peace, his body no longer screaming a
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 3 15
[CC] First Meeting by TheDevilsLotus [CC] First Meeting :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 8 8
[WWF] A Moment Of Your Time
This must be the place
Amadeus mused as he sniffed around the edges of marked territory. Unlike his pack mates he had yet the chance to stretch his legs and wander the lands with intent on meeting the other packs that inhabited the land. Of course he had heard of Valentin's visits, but it was one thing to hear. It was another to be there.
To be honest there was no reason for him to depart in search of these packs other than to sate his own curiosity. If need be, perhaps negotiate, but otherwise his intent was to observe and learn who were their neighbors.
Who was friend. And who was foe.
Nahimana paced along her rock outcrop, turning tight circles on the stone. It had been days since her last encounter with a Vulture. The pack had been leaving her alone, something that seemed much too good to be true. The female was nervous. Were they planning something? Ekon had revealed that the pack lacked nu
:iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 3 7
[WoLF] A Mission [EXIT PIECE] by TheDevilsLotus [WoLF] A Mission [EXIT PIECE] :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 6 4 [CC] What A Weird Sight by TheDevilsLotus [CC] What A Weird Sight :iconthedevilslotus:TheDevilsLotus 13 17


Naveen || Stonecreek || The Rift by JuxtaFlux Naveen || Stonecreek || The Rift :iconjuxtaflux:JuxtaFlux 12 8 Your Antagonist by Songdog-StrayFang Your Antagonist :iconsongdog-strayfang:Songdog-StrayFang 40 3 Raphael Medallion by drawingquirky Raphael Medallion :icondrawingquirky:drawingquirky 5 5 This is it by drawingquirky This is it :icondrawingquirky:drawingquirky 7 13 Lycan [G] by Vizzixi Lycan [G] :iconvizzixi:Vizzixi 12 2 TR } Elyse Medallion by xRising TR } Elyse Medallion :iconxrising:xRising 6 1 The-Rift: Athamas x Melisande by Orso-chan The-Rift: Athamas x Melisande :iconorso-chan:Orso-chan 18 16 Ao Coin by AlphaSpice Ao Coin :iconalphaspice:AlphaSpice 5 0 |The Rift| Nighthawk App by FrostFrameArt |The Rift| Nighthawk App :iconfrostframeart:FrostFrameArt 9 13 TR - Ao by AlphaSpice TR - Ao :iconalphaspice:AlphaSpice 13 10 TR| Ilya by ClockworkCryptid TR| Ilya :iconclockworkcryptid:ClockworkCryptid 12 10 Stray | Cross Reference 2017 by Grace-Winters Stray | Cross Reference 2017 :icongrace-winters:Grace-Winters 10 8
50 shades of Kink
Morg'lo gave a nightly good night to the Vulturians who are sleeping for the night, he felt compelled to do the same as well but has the urge to patrol and scout the premises. Osha could use the leg up it'll help her a little at peace and strengthen the borders and her energy.
Walking in slow strides leaving scent marks    And eyeing the dark, he caught glimpses of a darken brown wolf collecting stuff for whatever the wolf was doing "maybe it's A wanderer?" Whispering he crouched to get a bit closer to the strange, In close up he saw who it actually was.
"Amadeus?!....what are you doing with that stuff?"
Whispering to him while trying to reveal himself, unfortunately gets his fur stuck on the bushes now having greenery on him "do you collect things too?"
The old wolf was restless, though for what reason he was not sure. There were no visions or voices in his head this time, but there was a level of anxiety t
:iconwolfprancis2bet:wolfprancis2bet 2 10
WoLF .:. Gender Bender Meme .:. Solas by DoodlieDoos WoLF .:. Gender Bender Meme .:. Solas :icondoodliedoos:DoodlieDoos 6 1
WToA RP: To the Grave
Location: Boneyard-Zhawan
The dead of night was particularly a time when the darkest of deals and secrets were made. Delsin loved the night...he knew what was lurking in it and usually it was him himself. Zhawan was a land that he knew all his life. It was Home and it was this Home that he knew he had to keep under his reign and for his heir too. Panlin has shut him out and promised to never let him see his unborn pups once they were brought into the world..but he would make sure that was not to happen. He would need one for his throne and he wouldnt stop until he had one. Panlin was still his love but his love for Zhawan was stronger...she wouldn’t join him, so he would have to take from her until she did.
Padding amongst the bones of the graveyard he looked out for the two wolves that he had called to meet him there. Two loyal seekers, Kuruk and Kolowa. Seekers were the loyalists of the tribe but he knew them
:iconnekktar:Nekktar 2 0
TR RP: Birth of a Revolution

Set just hours after Caspian and his High Mountain murderers claim leadership of Riverdale, Silvie awakens in Kiona's den to witness the severity of the wounds the new Alpha inflicted on her. The season is late winter.

Among the darkness that consumed her conscious, there was an aching sound of rain that echoed in the caverns of her mind as they dripped from a ceiling onto the ground. "Where am I..." She thought in her mind's chamber. Slowly but surely she could smell the stench of blood, it's iron-rich taste heavy like milk in her mouth. Her mouth... Her mouth was dry, and her body...
ACK... Her body ached! It was numb but it still shocked her right side with an intense and overwhelming wave it almost made her want to throw up. On top of that, there was another sickly smell that did not
:iconspicerooni:Spicerooni 5 0



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